In pursuit of innovating novel modes of human engagement with the natural world via the creative process, we have conceived establishing a residency program strategically situated in a forested, affording both isolation within the mountains and proximity to the ocean. The overarching intent behind this endeavour is to engineer an environment conducive to the development of resident artists' creative methodologies, propelled by immersive interactions with the local flora, fauna and all living organisms inhabiting the surroundings.

Integral to this conceptualization is creating a contemplative space to facilitate intellectual pursuits, artistic expressions, and reflective artistic activities regardless of discipline. Translocaties is a creative space poised to act as a multifaceted incubator, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the natural world, ultimately engendering innovative and reflective approaches to artistic creation and ecological awareness. The synthesis of these objectives converges to constitute frameworks to advance our understanding of human-nature interplay through the prism of creative inquiry while enjoying the natural surroundings.


Jorge Lozano uses film and video to build experimental narratives: epistemological disobediences to see the world differently, to have a visible presence and to create new coordination with living and nonliving matter. His work is not political but made politically. Jorge has been working as a film and video artist for the last 20 years. His fiction films have been exhibited at the Toronto Film Festival and at the Sundance Film Festival amongst others. His experimental work has been exhibited at many international festivals and galleries. He has expanded my practice to the organization of many cultural and art events, the creation of aluCine, Toronto Latin Media Festival and facilitating self- representations video workshops for marginalized Latin and non- Latin youth in Canada since 199,1 Venezuela 2005 and Colombia 2005- 2016.


Angela is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist with a rich history of residing in Las Monas for over three decades. Her profound connection to this geographical locale has cultivated a deep reservoir of knowledge encompassing its landscape, local plants, and the myriad fauna within its lush forests. Furthermore, Angela's involvement extends beyond her artistic, as she assumes the mantle of a social organizer dedicated to collective action to safeguard the land against pernicious human activities. Angela's activism transcends the realm of art, exemplifying her unwavering dedication to the well-being of the local population of Las Monas.


SusY is a diminutive canine, discovered adrift and vulnerable on the unforgiving streets. Possessing remarkable intelligence and an unwaveringly independent disposition, SusY vehemently shirks any form of human dominance or disciplinary control. Her unique character extends beyond her cognitive capabilities; she exhibits a profound familiarity with her surroundings, demonstrating an innate aptitude for navigating the terrain. Moreover, she fulfills the role of a guardian, effectively warding off larger, more hostile canines that may pose a threat.

In the realm of companionship, SusY is an exceptional ally. She willingly assumes the role of a canine guide, facilitating delightful walks that culminate in the procurement of delectable dog treats. Her willingness to embark on these excursions underscores her amiable disposition and highlights her astute understanding of the joys of canine existence.

Her unyielding spirit is a testament to the indomitable resilience exhibited by the animal kingdom. She also exemplifies the potential for human-animal relationships to transcend mere companionship, evolving into profound partnerships based on mutual understanding and shared experiences.