Translocalities emerge from the desire to seamlessly blend the realms of art, philosophy, research, and critical thought. It serves as a bridge to connect both local and international artists, nurturing the growth of expansive networks. Nestled within Costa Rica's enchanting Las Mona's forest, this unique residency extends an open invitation to challenge our interactions with nature and redefine the creative process.

At Translocalities, we beckon the curious and the daring to cross our threshold, offering a haven for the metamorphosis of ideas and forging connections with the natural world. Our creative hub embraces the forest's endless symphony of transformations, infusing it into the very rhythm of artistic experimentation

Translocalities transcend convention, inviting participating artists to reimagine their art-making processes while surrendering to the forest's demands for changes in routines and perceptions. Amidst this ever-evolving natural world, where material reverberations abound, artists have the unique opportunity to tap into a profound reservoir of alternative knowledge and a deeper understanding of the land, its flora, and the encompassing surroundings.

The research residencies are considered space to explore a particular line of research without the need to produce a concrete, final project.

Our house and land coordinator who live one kilometer away will be in charge of all matters regarding your transportation to the land from the airport to arranging walks tour plants information and all infrastructural matters that concern your project.

A Collective Experience

At our art residency, we place great emphasis on the collective experience as a powerful catalyst for artistic growth and fulfillment. To us, the "collective" transcends mere coexistence; it's a harmonious symphony of creative minds, where collaboration is rooted in respect for individual voices and visions. It's a network of support and inspiration that elevates every artist's journey.

Our Collective Ethos Involves


In the heart of the forest, our communal kitchen becomes a lively hub where artists come together to share culinary experiences. Cooking together is not just about nourishing our bodies but also about nurturing connections, as we exchange stories, flavors, and ideas.

Cleaning Together:

Amidst the pristine beauty of the forest, we take responsibility for the spaces we inhabit. By cleaning together, we maintain our environment and cultivate a sense of shared stewardship for the natural world that surrounds us.

Creative Decisions:

Artistic collaboration is at the core of our residency. We encourage artists to share their ideas, experiment, and co-create. The decisions made within our creative community are a reflection of the diverse talents and perspectives that converge here.

Building a Collective Safe Space:

We understand that every artist is unique, with their own needs and sensitivities. Hence, we aim to build a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment that respects and caters to everyone's well-being. Our shared space becomes a canvas upon which we collectively paint the colors of support and empathy.