Translocalities Offers:

- Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service to and from San Jose Airport.
- A warm, welcoming meal on the day of your arrival.
- Access to a vehicle – please email a copy of the driver's license of the person who will be operating the car. (Please ensure you purchase your own traveler’s insurance that covers vehicle operation and provides the receipt before departing Canada).
- A fully furnished 2-bedroom home, fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable living spaces.
- Access to multimedia equipment, including: GoPro 11, Sony Alpha 3 with lenses, possibilities of using SonyFx3, Bolex 16mm camera, 8mm film cameras, Analog 35mm still cameras, Drone, and specialized sound rexording equipment including ambisonic microphone and multichannel recorder.
- Dedicated space on our website to showcase highlights of your residency upon its completion.
- Up to 10 hours of creative feedback and support per project, with the option to consult with any of our roster of residency artists or our artistic directorial team.


Our house and land coordinator, Angela Lozano, who resides just one kilometre away, will oversee all aspects related to your transportation from the airport and manage activities such as guided plant tours, providing essential information, and addressing any infrastructure-related concerns pertaining to your project.

Angela is assisted by Elieser, our closest neighbour, who has called this land home for over four decades. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, Elieser is a valuable resource for information about the land and will serve as your guide during mountain walks, ensuring a memorable and insightful experience.


Las Monas Forest is located near Jacó beach in the Pacific Oceans, meaning there are plenty of waves to be conquered by the brave ones. Surfing, scuba-diving, relaxing on a yacht - you name it! Tons of water-sports await the people who are interested in an active leisure time by the sea.


Have you ever been close to a Monkey, Guacamaya, Tucán, Iguana, Morphous Butterfly and hundreds of birds? If not, it is time to do it, come to Casa Briana.