Lorena Salomé


Lorena Salomé spent three weeks at the residency during the summer of 2022, dedicating her time to coding for an installation and performance piece. This work was later presented in Cordoba, Argentina, in August 2023. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Lorena took advantage of her stay to learn to surf.


Lorena Salomé is an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at OCAD University in Toronto. Lorena's artistic practice encompasses a wide range of media, including video, sound, electromechanical installations and robotics.

Her works have been presented at festivals in Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and the United States, captivating audiences with their immersive and provocative nature. Lorena's passion for exploring the possibilities of art and technology led her to pursue a Masters in Digital Media at York University, specializing in robotics.